Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I've been doing a lot of tidying and cleaning the past few days. I don't know if I'm bored or just sick of the mess. All this tidying has been accompanied by my marvellous playlist called "Songs to bake or tidy to". 
It's pretty much heavily influenced by too much listening to Smooth Radio and some cheesy pop (either present day or from the 90's) which makes me want to dance (oh, and a few Disney songs thrown in for good measure!) 

My skin has been such a mess recently. No matter what I do it's been breaking out. I don't know if the heat in work is making it worse or what. Going to make an attempt at running on a regular basis since my dad thinks my skin cleared up a bit when I was exercising daily. 

On Friday I made an attempt at Lemon Meringue Cupcakes. The meringue didn't turn out too brilliantly, but it still tasted great. The recipe said if you don't have a cooks blowtorch, you should use your grill at a high temperature for a few seconds. As soon as I told my dad, he ran out to the garage and brought in a normal blowtorch. I wasn't for trying to brown the meringues with that, so I told him  that he could do it. He set the cupcake cases on fire. But we had it all under control so it was okay! No cakes were harmed. They turned out quite nicely.  

I finally finished reading Bridget Jones's Diary last night. I'm not very good at this whole "read-as-many-books-as-possible" thing. I've started The Virgin Suicides now. Really going to try and read this one within a month.

Jayne is working at a charity thing on Friday face-paining. She asked me tonight if she could practise on me so she turned me into a cat. Although, once she'd finished and I asked if I could paint her face, she said no and ran off. 

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