43 Things

Taken from my page over at 43 Things.

In no particular order:

1. Learn to drive.
2. Read all the Harry Potter books.
3. Actually finish a bottle of body lotion.
4. Knit a huge scarf.
5. Complete Race for Life (5K).
6. Complete Race for Life (10K).
7. Start and complete a 365 project.
8. Keep a diary/journal until the book is filled.
9. Go to T in the Park.
10. Graduate from university.
11. Go to America.
12. Go on a road trip.
13. Read 50 book in one year.
14. Go to a Blink 182 gig.
15. Raise £100 for a charity.
16. Become a black belt in Tae Kwon-do.
17. Knit a hat
18. Go to the cinema alone.
19. Go to a drive-in movie
20. Go on a Hot Air Balloon ride
21. See a show on Broadway
22. Run a marathon
23. Visit Disneyland
24. Skydive or bunjee jump
25. Ask out a boy I like
26. Attend a cocktail making class
27. Attend a pole dancing class
28. Snowboard


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