Monday, 14 May 2012

Everything Has It's Way

I really do adore Katie Costello's music. I think The City In Me is my favourite EP from her.
She recently released a new EP which I haven't purchased yet, but it's probably brilliant so you should go and listen to it. It's called "Follow Your Every Beat" and everything I've heard from it so far has been quality. The song in the video above, Everything Has It's Way, is from the new EP.

I recently went on a nice wee trip to Newcastle with some people from uni. It was only for 3 days but it was lovely to get away and not have to even think about work or other issues back home. We met super early so that none of us would be late and miss the train, so we were pretty tired by late afternoon. The girls and I were lame and sat in out pyjamas and watched Countdown and Deal or No Deal drinking tea and didn't go out on the first night unlike the guys. We spent the entire next day in the Metrocentre, which is enormous by the way, before going out to some bars and clubs at night. On our final day, we went to the science centre and spent as long as possibly in there before having to head back to the train station to go home. It was a nice few days and I really hope we do it again. Either back to Newcastle or elsewhere. :) You can see a few pictures from the trip on my 365 project here.

I've been in such a cleaning mood today. I've changed my bedsheets, hoovered, done some washing and hung up and took down clothes from the clothes horses. My desk and chest of drawers are even being cleared! Next, it's the wardrobe. What a mess. Throw some stuff out hopefully.

Sorry I've been a bit crap with blogging recently. I should hopefully be posting more recently now.

Mince and tatties for dinner tonight. Yum!

Oh! I'm running Race for Life in a couple of weeks and I'd greatly appreciate it if you could sponsor me, even the smallest amount. Thank you!

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